Nezzar- Of Flame and Shadow

Much to tell of this tale.
A brief update of current events.

Since making their arrival to Nezzar, the party of adventures have come up against many fierce foes. More often than not they survived by sheer dumb luck, though Loto would have you believe he is the one that saved the day. After make there way up to the Elven capital of Thaalean, our adventures have found themselves in need of magical help. Leil’s soul has been trapped in Hell, so they have traveled to the Ilse of Istaar to seek the help of the scholars of magic who live there. Tiskan and Thoric meanwhile have traveled north to visit the King of the Mountain Dwarves and seek the Devil’s Eye from him.

Dark Sewers With Eyes

Realizing that they would soon be out of a place to sleep and plus the gold needed to buy the information from the priest of Avross, our group of adventures went to the local want ads posted outside of the in they were staying in.. After much discussion they chose to do what seemed to be a simple extermination job for a local business man named Elnetan, whom according to the inn keeper was known for making less than savory “business” deals. Nonetheless they decided it was worth going to talk to him. On arriving at his headquarters they learned that Elnetan was in fact a very well dressed and educated dwarf. He explained that his tunnel works down in the sewers and disturbed a nest of giant rats who then killed half of the workers while the other half escaped. The rats then began to spread and delayed repairs, the construction of new tunnels and made it immposible for the errand runners from the noble houses to use the message tunnels connecting the various houses. He gave a map leading to the sewer’s worker entrance and offered to pay them 50gp for every rat tail they brought back. Accepting his offer they left his headquarters to find Cyron running towards them. No one had seemed to notice that he was not with the group with they left the inn that morning. Apparently the young wizard had slept in and got lost trying to follow the inn keepers directions. Now back together again they all went to the sewers to exterminate the rats. After some time searching the tunnnels they finally have their first encounter with the giant rats. They easily disatch them while Tiskan befriends one who then leads the group to the nest where all the rest are at. On approaching the rat’s nest Tiskan, trying to reach out with his magic to sense the rats, caused a loud cannon like sound to go off sending the nearby rats to go into a freny. After which both Loto and Kriv fell down an incline landing right in the rat’s nest. Find themselves outnumbered by rats they began to take them out one by one. After slaying a few rats Kriv becomes overrun by them and is nearly taken by death. After seeing his companion fall to the rats Tiskan attempts to befriend another of the rats but instead transforms it into a large wererat like monster. All seemed lost for our group of adventures with one at death’s door and another not too far behind. Luckily the noble Loralee was able to get a clear shot at the rat mother, killing her instantly. Once the mother had died the rats being distressed began to kill one another leaving only two left. These two rats were then easily picked off. While searching the room they found a rotted chest filled with gold coins and several pieces of jewelry. Now the adveture’s have to return to Elnetan with the rat tails to claim their reward, but will they have enough to buy the priest’s information?

Dangers at sea!

Ashes, and smouldering piles of bodies. Forests burn, and cities decimated. And a large shadow moving across the ground. Just a bad dream, or is it something more? Our adventures awoke from this nightmare to find that their ship was under attack by a large band of pirates. After a long hard battle our adventurers were defeated, but help came with the rising of the sun. Captain Dehal of the North Port patrol fleet swept in to save the day. After waking up in a place of healing within North port city they discovered that captain Sheamar of the cargo ship that they were traveling on survived. Later that evening Sheamar took the companions out for drinks as his way of saying thanks for their attempts at defending his ship. As they sat their drinking they noticed that there was a cloaked man who was watching them. This person had something to offer them but would not say too much too soon. With Sheamar becoming heavily intoxicated Kriv and Loto carried the drunk up to his room. Before the two could leave the man to sleep off his drunkenness the captain had a moment of clarity where he told the two about his Grandfather’s ring and how the symbol that it bore had been seen on some old ruins a few hundred miles north of North Port near the Neverending River. The next day they meet the hooded figure again and this time learning that he had information about the dream they all had, but this information would not come cheap. He suggested that they go take a look at the work board outside the inn to earn some money to pay for this information. After that he left leaving a not behind with a short scirbble saying “Find me at the temple of Avross.”

Map is up!
First draft

Greetings fellow adventurers! Thought you guys would like to take a look at the first draft of the map I’ve been working on. So far the only city that I have marked is the city of North Port. North Port is where we will likely start our campaign so try and think of a back story of why your character is there. Are you a traveler from a distant land? Are you actually from the region of Nezar? Remember to use your imagination! If you have any ideas on the map please let me know.


Welcome to the region of Nezar! I am still working on the map (hoping to have that up soon) and some of the history of the land.


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